Abrasive Blasting Equipment

As a company that specialises in abrasive blasting facilities and equipment for surface pre-treatment, we can offer solutions to improve the efficiency of your entire blast cleaning process, whether it be to:

  • De-scale and de-rust metal surfaces

  • Remove paint and powder coating

  • De-burr, de-flash and remove sand from castings and mouldings

  • Provide decorative finishes to stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals

  • Etch glass, stone and metals

  • Assist removal of release agents and contamination from moulds

Blast Equipment

We supply blast equipment solutions including blast pots, blast cabinets, turbine blast machines, internal pipe cleaners, closed circuit blasters, air preparation equipment, blast helmets, air dryers, hoses and nozzles, and spare parts and accessories.

We also stock a full range of abrasives including garnet, steel grit, steel shot, glass bead and cut wire shot; coating inspection equipment and associated operator safety PPE.

Abrasive Blast Rooms

We design and develop fully customised mechanical or pneumatic abrasive blast cleaning facilities to suit your requirements. Our design starts with an understanding of your specific work processes, plant layout, materials handling requirement and hazard identification to ensure the development of solutions tailored to the job.

  • Prefabricated or fully Customised, incorporating blast room, abrasive recovery systems, electrical control systems, air quality and ventilation systems, filtration systems, lighting systems, rail tracks, conveyor systems and ductwork.

  • Portable blast rooms built from 20ft or 40ft shipping containers for ease of transportation.

Fitted with purposed blast equipment to meet your requirements.