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oliver technologies supplies the mining service and equipment supply industry.

Air Quality & Ventilation Systems

Control of dust exposures in the mining and minerals processing industry is critical.

Quarrying, mining and minerals processing activity contributes dust through the drilling, blasting, hauling, stockpiling and crushing of ore. Further dust materials can be generated in mine laboratory areas where sample preparation is undertaken, in minerals processing plants and refineries, or where undertaking activities such as welding and abrasive blasting on mine site. Many forms of dust are not harmful and are easily controlled, but others can contain hazardous materials and toxic fumes.

Effective local ventilation and dust control measures are required at source, along with cleaning filtration devices and regular replacement of filters to prevent dust accumulation. Oliver Technologies provides design, supply, manufacture, fabrication and installation of dust and fume extraction systems and ductwork to the mining and minerals processing sector.

We understand the importance of selecting the right-size dust collector suited to your application. The right dust collector will provide extended filter cartridge life resulting in less down time, maintenance and filter replacement costs. Every application is different and our experience means we can offer the right solution for the project.

Our dust collectors are particularly well suited to mining applications and are designed to control dust and minimise emissions at excavation sites, mine laboratories, hammer mills, rock crushing, ball mills, mill conveyor transfer points, processing plants and quarry storage in line with EPA requirements.

At Oliver Technologies, we also manufacture our own range of purpose built extraction systems, ductwork, hoods, canopies and spray booths. Our engineering, drafting and project management division enables us to manage projects from design stage, using Solidworks 3D and Autocad drafting software, through manufacturing, installation and commissioning of full turnkey dust and fume control solutions.

Surface Preparation & Coating

Oliver Technologies are also suppliers of abrasive blast and paint spray equipment and facilities to the mining services and mining equipment supply industry. We offer a range of blast, spray painting and powder coating equipment for small runs or robotic conveyor spray lines supporting larger-scale production within an automated factory operation.

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