oliver technologies supplies the Agricultural Equipment Industry.

Surface Preparation & Coating

Australian agricultural industries have experienced record growth in the last decade with advances in agricultural techniques and technology and favourable climatic conditions delivering high-yields into a growing global market hungry for quality, ‘clean and green’ commodities.

This growth has spurred an increase in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment, driving an increasing demand for efficient manufacturing processes in the sector, including surface preparation and coating.

Oliver Technologies has a 30-year history of delivering large blast and spray rooms with the capacity to handle large agricultural machinery, and components. We also provide technical advice on the optimal equipment selection to enable machinery manufacturers to efficiently blast and paint heavy machinery, and components to a high standard suitable for protecting equipment in harsh outdoor environments.

Air Quality & Ventilation Systems

Modern manufacturing environments require advanced ventilation and dust extraction to ensure worker protection and to meet stringent environmental standards. Oliver Technologies is increasingly assisting customers to meet these challenges through engineering air-handling systems, and providing a vast array of spare parts and consumables to keep this equipment operating to designed performance.

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