• Turnkey automated and robotic spray solutions

The adoption of automated processes and robotic technologies is a defining feature of the modern manufacturing operation, as businesses strive to become leaner, more efficient and more sustainable.

At Oliver Technologies, we continue to play our part in exploring the future equipment innovations that will deliver the process improvement that our customers require.

We are working closely with Fanuc Robotics (Automated Solutions Australia) to offer our customers turnkey automated and robotic solutions for material applications covering a diverse range of products and a variety of materials.

Surface Preparation & Coating

We provide automated spray equipment, including standard spray applicators (Kremlin Airmix, Conventional, HVLP, Compliant & Airless); electrostatic spray applicators; sealing and extrusion equipment; bell applicators for wet spray and powder and automatic powder guns.

We offer solutions and ways to improve the efficiency of your entire spray painting process, including use of integrated robotic conveyor spray lines supporting larger-scale processes within an automated factory operation.

Whilst robotic applications will not replace ‘jobbing shops’ where every item being coated is unique, the possibilities of painting smaller batches of like product is becoming more affordable as technology improves and the cost of robotics reduces.

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