Powder Coating Equipment

As a company that specialises in powder coating equipment for surface finishing, we can offer solutions to improve the efficiency of your entire powder spray process.

Minimizing powder consumption is a key success factor for any modern powder coating line. All of our stocked equipment products are designed for maximum efficiency and to achieve the best possible usage of the coating powder.

We also supply a range of powder spray booths for any application.

Powder Coating Equipment

We have created close partnerships with many leading manufacturers and suppliers of spray equipment around the world including Kremlin, Sames, Rexson, Graco, and Devilbiss. We offer a range of products to suit numerous applications, as well as supplying spare parts and accessories.

We supply spray solutions including plural component (2K & 3K), airmix, airless, electrostatic, high speed turbine bell applications, automatic guns, manual guns, low pressure pumps, pressure pots, spray booths, solvent recyclers, and respirators, and related accessories and spare parts. We also stock coating inspection equipment and associated operator safety PPE.

Powder Spray Booths

Our design and engineering team have been developing customised powder spray painting solutions for industry for over 30 years. Our design starts with an understanding of your specific work processes, plant layout, materials handling requirement and hazard identification to ensure the development of solutions tailored to the job. Of greatest importance is the requirement to get the correct air to powder ratio within the prescribed limits to prevent the possibility of explosion.

Our spray booths offer a clean air supply for high quality finishing whilst keeping potentially hazardous over sprayed material and odours inside the controlled environment. Our powder spray booths confirm to AS3754 and local regulations.

  • Fully Customised, incorporating powder coating booths, pre-treatment systems, powder cure ovens, electrical control systems, filtration systems, lighting systems, rail tracks, conveyor systems and ductwork.

Fitted with purposed powder spray equipment to meet your requirements.