oliver technologies defence industry
oliver technologies defence industry

Defence customers are among the most demanding in terms of specification, support, security and overall supplier performance. Oliver Technologies has a proven capability and track record in meeting Military Specifications.

In the Defence industries, total lifecycle cost and return on investment is key to purchase decision-making. Our hand-picked equipment range is based on performance reliability, ease of use and maintenance, and lower waste emissions i.e. designed and engineered to reduce total lifecycle cost.

Our facilities design is based on an understanding of your work processes, and is designed to maximise the efficiency of your operation - through factoring in materials handling, technology integration, worker safety and equipment performance - at a cost-effective rate.

We work with Defence agencies, Defence contractors and OEM suppliers, providing equipment and facilities design and installation services supporting surface preparation, protective coating and camouflage application for armored personnel vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels and components; and surface finishing and corrosion control for structural steel fabrication and components related to Defence infrastructure.

We supply and undertake remote area work, providing offsite, temporary service facilities supporting surface preparation (spray and blast) and dust and fume control.

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  • ASC

  • BAE Systems

  • Thales

  • Australian Department of Defence