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Surface Preparation & Coating

The protection of hardwearing metal structural and mechanical components is a fundamental consideration of steel fabrication and construction in the water sector.

Whether it be structural steel work or pipe welding, appropriate surface treatment of metal structures and components – mild steel, aluminum, galvanised sheets, casting materials - provides increased durability and protection against damage and corrosion, particularly in areas where moisture is present.

At Oliver Technologies, we offer a range of abrasive blast, spray painting and powder coating equipment to ensure a durable finish, as well as facilities design and installation to suit your metal fabrication process.

Spiral pipe applications

Spiral pipe is used in a wide range of civil construction applications.

At Oliver Technologies, we provide spiral duct/spiral tube design, fabrication and installation. We offer a mobile, portable service with spiral duct forming undertaken on site, providing particular benefit for remote pipe installation and construction applications.

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